Bungie failed to realize it has two playe #2

Bungie claimed this was an open world role playing game, much like assasins creed or border lands. With lots of story lots of missions and lots of replay. The problem, Bungie had no experience in this market. Let’s face it, Halo ODST was as close as they have been to Destiny, and the player base spent its time doing PVP. Halo also did not have perks for armor or weapons. None I remember at least.

Bungie did not realize exactly how successful they were to drawing in the Halo fans as well as the open world monster killers. This fundamental misunderstanding of the two community’s lead to the nerf wars.

The die hard monster killers expected a story line, multiple side quests and large areas to explore. Lots of weapons variations and challenges. Look at Borderlands as the first of this game type, as the standard. Also gearbox when they made a DLC, it added new weapons, new story, new content Was equal to about 50 percent of the original game. D1 in comparison had a week story, more like the week campaign call of duty does where your done in 3 hours, then play endless PVP matches on maps from the base game. This left those players that thought the base game would have the open world adventures experience like assasins creed or borderlands feeling cheated. It did help that there was a raid to boost game content. You failed when you choose to ignore more content by adding prison of elders. You demonstrated your preferred player base with trials of the nine. The constant balancing for PvP by nerfing weapons in D1 at the expense of the players that liked the PVE experience and continued to play despite the fact many weapons now did not work well in the game any longer. Shotguns and auto rifles for example. Many of the bosses were now bullet sponges well beyond what was originally intended. This led to raids requiring gallihorn and minimum light levels.

Now for the release of D2, Bungie claimed more story, more content, more love for the free roaming monster hunters. Not just a fast campaign and go shoot you fellow players like Call of Duty. Compared again to Borderlands as the standard, you again fell short. End game content compared to D1 strikes are longer slogs to get to the boss. But you only have 4 or 5 strikes. Nightfall just sucks, who thought a timer was a good idea? The armor and weapons are all simplified and generic. It’s obvious PvP dictated this to make balance and Damage over time simpler to adjust.

Bungie has still failed in content on both sides of the game in D2. PvP has just a few maps, and little choice in game modes.

With the new DLC, you run down a set path, kill a boss and your done. No new raid, just more of the same of the original raid. Big letdown. This may as well be Gears of War, oh wait, they had more story then D2. Even with the DLC.

I have to ask, do any of the leadership read sci-fi, played Gears of War, assasins creed or borderlands? This type of game should have challenges, achievements side quests story lines should explore what did the legion do to the traveler. Could have made a raid to clear out red legion inside the traveler to stop them from harming it.

Should have infinite paths to explore in the forest. Maybe a perpetual tower, that leads deeper into the planet. The sad fact is you misjudged the player base in D1 and concentrated in being space manic call of duty. In D2 you just failed to deliver a product that met expectations (again I think space call of duty was the major expectation of leadership).

Bungie, you expect D3 to draw in customers. What you better come to grips is there is a call of duty, you are not it. You have two player bases, and both expect great things the monster killers that want to roam the planets and feel like god killers, and the space magic commandos that want to beat other players in matches. We expect various environments and challenges. We also want to be rewarded for our efforts. The harder the task, the greater reward. We are also tired of the only the Bungie way attitude to game play. We put in out time and effort, so long as we do not modify or hack the game, we should be able to play as we like. Do do as you did with the lantern in the Croat raid. And add invisible walls to hinder players because you never intended that game development. You should have added a enemies trigger. But Bungie always went the lazy way, the authoritarian way. And to be honest, that just don’t make the game fun.
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Bungie failed to realize it has two playe
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